Go Read Binyavanga Wainaina


While doing a search for Indian-African fiction last week, I found the blog, Africa is a Country, and I immediately bookmarked it because of its geographically accurate blog title. It turns out Africa is in fact still a continent. On the bright side, … [READ MORE]

Adventures in Papa Land: Not Quite As Dramatic As The War Diamond, But the Pre-K Jewel Comes Close

This morning when I dropped Kavya off at school, she picked up a crappy, green piece of confetti they use for art projects. She found it in the coat closet and asked if she could have it. β€œIt’s a jewel,” she says. I tell her she can have it. We … [READ MORE]

Three Brown Children and a “Windy” Dragon: A Picture Book

Bravn: a Picture Book by Navreet and Kavya

Bravn is Seerit and Joshvir and Kavya is an action-adventure picture book written, illustrated, and published by my sister, Navreet and my niece, Seerit. It is the riveting story of three brown children, who meet a flatulent, fire-breathing dragon. … [READ MORE]