Non-Token Diversity in Storytelling: CAKE Literary to the Rescue! The Revolution Has Begun.

The CAKE Literary team hard at work.

Growing up in England during the 1980s, where blatant racism was perfectly normal, sucked, but at least I knew where I stood. Institutionalized racism is confusing -- and Kavya was all of three when she felt the isolating pain that only … [READ MORE]

April Fool’s Day Turned Into a Mall Outing and Ended with Kavya’s First Completely Unscheduled Sleepover


Some dad bloggers I know coordinated efforts to trick their children on April Fool's Day by tee-peeing their kids' rooms, other parents are adding food coloring to milk, or putting salt on their kids' toothbrushes. Writers devise clever satirical … [READ MORE]

It’s Frozen Fever Up in Here!

Over Thanksgiving last year, we visited my parents in California, and also went on a lovely family trip to Disneyland, which surprisingly didn't suck like I thought it would. During our visit, Frozen had just come out, so the four of us – me, Sona, … [READ MORE]