April Fool’s Day Turned Into a Mall Outing and Ended with Kavya’s First Completely Unscheduled Sleepover


Some dad bloggers I know coordinated efforts to trick their children on April Fool's Day by tee-peeing their kids' rooms, other parents are adding food coloring to milk, or putting salt on their kids' toothbrushes. Writers devise clever satirical … [READ MORE]

It’s Frozen Fever Up in Here!

Over Thanksgiving last year, we visited my parents in California, and also went on a lovely family trip to Disneyland, which surprisingly didn't suck like I thought it would. During our visit, Frozen had just come out, so the four of us – me, Sona, … [READ MORE]

Writing on Buses and Trains

Amtrak just announced they are offering free writing residencies! It's totally brilliant. It's a train, but it's quiet, with tables, plugs, and best of all, most of them are long distance ones, so you have hours upon hours of uninterrupted writing … [READ MORE]