Why Empty Pampers Cardboard Box Day Should Be A National Holiday


In the summer of 2013, our daughter left her diapers for more colorful and musical alternatives. She's four and a half now and has moved on, viewing these artifacts as a stage in her life she knew must have happened because of the photographic … [READ MORE]

Lemony Snicket Apologizes For Being A Bad Joke Teller


But first, let's talk about Jacqueline Woodson, one of the authors who received the National Book Award for Young People's Literature. A few years ago, I met Jacqueline Woodson at the Fine Arts Work Center in Provincetown, where I was taking a … [READ MORE]

Bilingual Picture Book Review: Little Roja Riding Hood by Susan Middleton Elya, Illustrated by Susan Guevara

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Little Roja Riding Hood by Susan Middleton Elya, illustrated by Susan Guevara Rating: Five Stars! Age Range: 3-7 Buy Little Roja Riding Hood Add to Goodreads Sona is at home with Shaiyar, our six month old. I'm at the library by myself … [READ MORE]

Black Hair, Dark Skin: Exploring the Non-European Roots of Rapunzel


At the beginning of the year, Kavya was utterly distraught she didn’t have "yellow hair" like Rapunzel from Disney's Tangled, and that most of her favourite characters didn’t look like her. This realization did not actually revolve around hair color: … [READ MORE]

Review: Essays on Fatherhood by Novelists (When I First Held You, edited by Brian Gresko)


The months before Kavya arrived were spent in a haze of baby books, mostly about the biological effects of pregnancy, as well as some great motherhood memoirs. Books marketed for Dads were of the overly sentimental Chicken Soup variety presenting … [READ MORE]